Søren is an Italian collective formed in 2013 by Matteo Gagliardi to explore the world of dark music.
In 2017 we released our debut album Stargazing, quickly followed by a video single for the song Houses and a companion ep recorded live in 2018 titled Stargazing Live!.

"Stargazing" and "Stargazing Live!" are available for free in Creative Commons on our Bandcamp page.

BEDTIME RITUALS, our third album, is out now.

Bedtime Rituals

  1. Unreal City (feat. Nina Orlandi)
  2. Mantra (feat. Lorenzo Tarquini)
  3. Hurry Up! (feat. Fabio Fraschini)
  4. Time To Say Goodbye
  5. My Worst Enemy (feat. Nina Orlandi)
  6. Flying Into The Sun
  7. Pain Of Love
  8. A Bedtime Ritual
Also, LA STANZA DELL'ALCHIMIA, our song for the compilation Suspended featuring guitars by Lorenzo Tarquini, bass guitar by Fabio Fraschini and lyrics by Pier Paolo Segneri, is out now on Lost Generation Record Bandcamp.
  • Matteo Gagliardi - Vocals, keyboards, vocoder, drum programming
  • Diana D'Ascenzo - Vocals, guitars